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Suntech Overview | Structure

 Co., Ltd Thiên Hoàng Technology was called off SUNTECH Co., Ltd. has 05 members, was established under the business license number: 0102005867 by the Business Registration Division - Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi. 

Founded in 2002 with seven years experience in the market with a staff of professional, qualified, highly technical trained regularly is always ready to receive and deploy new technologies to into the hands of customers. 

Suntech is committed to customers:

+ Diverse products, perfect service, 

+ After-sales service: fast, quality, reputation

so do to chuc Sungtech - may in anh- may in the - may cham cong - thiet bi an ninh

1. Order direct: through online functionality with direct sales on the website. 
2. Order through yahoo: You can order directly through the website nick yahoo chat. Pleaseleave your contact information! Suntech will contact you in the days and shipping to you
3. Direct Phone: