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Đèn led L161501

Đèn led L161501

Giá thị trường :  
Giá bán :  
  • Antiseptic cover with safety glass for long life time used.
  • excellent heat dissipated design for LED releasing LED heat fast and ensure lighting source offering life span up to 40,000 hours.
  • Anti-dazzle design for making pedestrian feel comfortable to ensure driving safety.
  • Water resistant in IP 65 which means anti-dust and water-proof.
  • For outdoor lighting and landscape planning.
power Consume 15 W ±10%
LED No. LED 12 pcs
Input Voltage DC24 V ~ DC24 V
Input Frequency Hz / Hz
PF Rate  
Luminous Flux 1250 lm ±10%
Color Temperature 2700K ±8%
CRI ≧80
View Angle (10%) 40°
Beam Angle (50%) 20°
illuminance@1m 12300 lux@1m ±10%
Weight  1.43 kg
Operation Temp -15~50℃/10~90%
Storage Temp -25~70℃/5~95%
Safety Mark   
IP Level IP65
Remark (Dimensions):Φ180*95mm


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